Welcome to Raisin Rack!

If you're looking for a locally owned, trusted leader in organic and natural foods, nutritional support and whole body care, you've come to the right place. See what's in store for you at Raisin Rack in each of our departments.


Raisin Rack recognizes the importance of skin, hair and dental care for all ages. Our stores dedicate a special section to personal care products that adhere to strict ethical standards as part of the whole body shopping experience.


Raisin Rack continues to stand out as an authentic leader in gluten-free foods with dedicated grocery and freezer sections in addition to GF labeling to help shoppers make selections to fit their dietary needs. Our staff is always ready to assist.


Raisin Rack's grocery aisles are fully stocked with the leading brands in the natural and organic marketplace. You'll find everything on your shopping list from specialty items to staples and unique local goods that reflect our healthy values.


Nutritional support products have been a staple on Raisin Rack's shelves for nearly 40 years. Our extensive selection of health and wellness products at both stores range from vitamins to wellness care to fish oils to sports nutrition and so much more.


Raisin Rack’s bulk section is one of the more popular areas in our stores. You’ll find coffee, teas, spices, herbs, beans, rices, trail mixes, cereals, nuts and honey. Print a tag for easy checkout. Containers are reusable, BPA free and microwaveable.


Raisin Rack features desserts and breads deliciously crafted by local artisans to satisfy the tastes of our customers. Many of these creations are gluten free. Some are vegan. All are absolutely exquisite.


Raisin Rack sells only organic and organically grown produce with an emphasis on locally raised fruits and vegetables when in season. Unlike other stores, you won’t find non-organically raised items mixed in with organic produce.


Choose from an impressive array of organic, all-natural, antibiotic-free and hormone-free deli meats and cheeses at the counter in Raisin Rack's Westerville store. Raisin Rack's friendly Westerville cafe staff slices meats and cheeses to meet your needs.